Waller Creek, Austin, Texas


Volume was our entry into the Waller Creek Conservancy’s “Creek Show” exhibition that runs for ten days each year through downtown Austin.

Our installation was a 100-foot-long intermittent waterfall that spilled over one of the creek’s spillway walls. Every two minutes, the water went from a gentle shower to a torrential flow, mirroring the creek’s transformation from a typically placid stream to a dangerous floodwater release valve during major storms.


“Volume reflects this intermittent ferocity of Waller Creek. Volume refers not only to the increased quantity of water that occurs during a flood event, but also the heightened sonic and physical effects that accompany it.”
– Waterloo Greenway


The waterfall was fabricated from steel, mounted atop the wall, and supplemented with LED strip lighting. It was ephemeral, and was completely dismantled after the ten-day run.

Architect: Specht Architects
Photography: Patrick Wong

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