The Mall Conversion

Scottsdale, Arizona


The Galleria was an upscale mall built in the Old Town district of Scottsdale in 1991. The mall struggled from the start and closed its doors for good after only a few years. It sat empty until it was transformed into the Valley’s most popular tech-oriented office complex. However, one space within the mall remained a tough sell: an unusual bridge-like appendage that formerly housed a branch of the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Academy. Its long, narrow configuration and unusual window placements made it difficult to convert for other uses.


This challenge didn’t stop us from figuring out how to turn this odd, “dead mall” space into a vibrant new office for Indeed. The varying light patterns within the structure allowed us to craft a procession through a series of work and recreation spaces to have distinct character and range – from bright and sunny to shaded and relaxing.


“Indeed’s offices in Scottsdale are a home away from home reflecting the comforts and amenities of an Arizona resort rather than a traditional tech office to nurture the young and spirited culture of the employment search company.”
– Office Snapshots


The chosen new materials and forms reflect the locality of Scottsdale. To preserve the history of the mall, old and new are integrated into something vital and fresh. Rusted steel, terra-cotta plaster, and wood elements blend with the sage green 1990s-era windows and skylight frames. The office does not invoke a feeling of retrofit or reluctant re-use, but instead dynamically embraces and celebrates its unusual nature and past.


Architect: Specht Architects in collaboration with Corgan Architects
Contractor: Novo Construction
Photographer: Corgan Architects

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