Sangre de Cristo House

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Set into a ridge-top in Santa Fe, two large, perpendicular board-formed concrete walls create this home’s structure. The walls link the interior and exterior spaces with the arid landscape while providing a true sense of shelter. A narrow skylight runs the entire 125′ of one of the walls and casts shifting shadows on the rough concrete throughout the day.


“There’s a nice progression of sunlight through the house, not unlike a sundial. It’s just beautiful.”
– S. Claire Conroy, Residential Design


You enter through a recessed courtyard into a cool, private vestibule. An opening cut into the wall leads into the body of the house where large expanses of glass reveal panoramic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A cantilevered roof shades the large windows as well as the porches tucked around the perimeter.


Architect: Specht Architects
Landscape Architect: James David
Interior Design: Norine Haynes
Contractor: Wolf Corp.
Photographer: Taggart Sorensen & Casey Dunn

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