Doyle Hall

Austin, Texas


The Doyle Hall renovation and New Classroom Addition at St. Edward’s University creates a green, highly-used public space from what was once an empty lot between two buildings. This courtyard is activated by the presence of a centuries-old live oak tree, a new cafe, and a mix of student and faculty spaces.

The New Classroom Addition takes cues from the adjacent existing 1950’s building with exposed concrete structural bays and wall panels. The siting and reference to historic precedent creates a physical and visual link between the two existing buildings, and brings students into the heart of a courtyard “embraced” by parallel wings of faculty offices.

We deployed a “stealth architecture” that does not call attention to itself, but works as a fabric binding the existing elements together and allowing them to be seen and used in a completely new way.

Architect: Specht Harpman
Landscape Architect: Sasaki Associates
Contractor: VRW Construction
Photographer: Taggart Sorensen

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