Oasis Advertising

Garment District, Manhattan, New York


Air-conditioned louvers commonly replaced glass windows in the Garment District of Manhattan, signaling the presence of sweatshops tucked away behind painted-over storefronts. The Oasis offices are designed to reflect the rich history of the district. We used louvers in the project as operable privacy screens at executive workstations and to create a custom, raked lighting fixture at the reception area.


“The office plan is organized to maintain unobstructed views to the Hudson River by locating the enclosed private offices close to the core and open workstations around the perimeter.”
– Scott Specht, principal architect


We also designed custom pendant lights from air filters commonly found on large garment delivery trucks. These lights delineate the main circulation routes and conference areas.


During the course of the project, we purchased plastic ice cube trays from the local Kmart and worked with a local fabricator to transform the trays into broad fiberglass panels. The luminous blue panels provide a textured and colorful entry lobby and create a recognizable path along the interior circulation route of the office.


Architect: Specht Harpman
Photography: Michael Moran

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