Oasis Advertising

Garment District, Manhattan, New York


The Oasis offices are located in an active manufacturing area. In the garment district, air-conditioning louvers commonly replace glass windows and signal the presence of sweatshops. In this project, we introduced louvers into the interior of the project. The louvers become operable privacy screens at the executive workstations and are used to create a custom, raked lighting fixture at the reception area.

We also designed custom pendant lights from air filters commonly found on large garment delivery trucks. In this installation, the pendant lights are used to delineate the main circulation routes and conference areas.

During the course of the project, we purchased a large job-lot of plastic ice cube trays from the local K-Mart and worked with a local fabricator to transform these trays into large fiberglass panels. The luminous blue panels provide a highly textured and colored entry looby and also create a recognizable path along the interior circulation route of the office.

Architect: Specht Harpman
Photography: Michael Moran

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