New Canaan Residence

New Canaan, Connecticut


This home, nestled into a clearing in a lush forested landscape, was designed to be simple, elegant, and comfortable, while fully engaging its beautiful and complex site.

A winding drive brings you through the trees to arrive at an open hilltop court that is embraced by the long, low form of the house. The entry is on the second level, and as you move inside, large glass walls give a feeling of floating in the treetops. The forest canopy enfolds the interior and creates a serene space that changes with the seasons.

A staircase tucked behind a free-standing limestone fireplace leads down to the lower level of the house, which is carved into the earth and gives onto the forest floor. The cozy nature of the lower level provides an experiential contrast to the expansive and light-filled level above.

Architect: Specht Harpman
Interior Design: Carrier & Co.
Landscape Architecture: Gunn Landscape Architecture
Contractor: Prutting and Company
Photographer: Elizabeth Felicella

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