Indeed Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan


Indeed’s office in the Azabu district of Tokyo reflects the company’s ideals to integrate the contemporary amenities of a luxury tech office with the character of the surrounding area. In addition to the latest in comfort and connectivity, the design incorporates subtle nods to traditional Japanese style.

“Entwining different textures like: paper tubes, fresh green plants, and circular shapes into one serine yet dynamic ambiance the designers successfully offer organic read on Asian esthetic values.”
– Interiorzine


The overall workspace is large. It is broken up by a series of “oasis” elements—small, serene work and relaxation areas defined by indoor plantings, gentle lighting, and bright colors. Bold, custom murals derived from Japanese art and graphic motifs connect these spaces of comfort throughout the office.
In addition to the Japanese-inspired murals and plants, other locally-sourced materials are prevalent, including tatami-mat inspired floor and terrace surfaces, Japanese cedar and cypress finishes, and paper lighting fixtures.
The effect is modern and tech-oriented office that is inviting, comfortable, and reverent to its context.

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