Concrete Incorporated

Chelsea, Manhattan, New York


Built in 1931 and known for its enormous floor plates and continuous steel ribbon windows, the Starrett-Lehigh building is an iconic Manhattan structure. Concrete Incorporated, a young and growing media company, desired a new headquarters that maintains the industrial character of the landmark building.


To accomplish this goal, we designed a series of manufactured, curved shells that form private work areas. These “think tanks” allow natural light to penetrate deep into the interior during the day and transform into glowing lanterns at night. An elevated steel rail, inspired by those in the nearby meatpacking district, runs through the space. The rail suspends light fixtures, lounge seating, and sliding cork pin-up boards. The project seamlessly engages and extends the reading of the industrial building and local landscape.


“These translucent resin tanks mark a clear reference to the roof’s opaque water towers.”
– Scott Specht, principal architect


Architect: Specht Harpman
Photography: Michael Moran

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