Beast Productions

Austin, Texas


This design revolves around the adaptive reuse of a single-story 1920s brick building in downtown Austin. The owner, a film-production company, was on a tight budget and wanted to repurpose as much as possible while creating something uniquely “Austin” in character.


We embraced this spirit of frugality using repurposing, assemblage, and local sourcing strategies. Resawn siding from a demolished building is used as surfaces to give a rustic character to common areas. Locally sourced stock steel segments were used to fabricate space dividers and kitchen installations. Cement backer-board, a rough material often used as an underlayment for tile, was applied as a surface treatment. Cheap, off-the-shelf chandeliers were painted and installed for feature lighting. We reworked and installed many existing interior partitions and surfaces, saving money and exhibiting traces of the building’s colorful history.


Architect: Specht Harpman
Photographer: Taggart Sorensen

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